The Local: Stories from the front lines of Canada

‘Canada’s urban tribes’ by Chairman Ting for the Guardian

Why the Local?

I believe local news is important because it allows us to engage directly with our world: the issues and forces shaping our downtowns, parks, roads, and neighbourhoods. It’s why I got into journalism in the first place.

But, as anyone in this business can tell you, local news usually plays third-fiddle to national and international headlines. This despite the fact we can learn from the experiences of other communities struggling with problems similar to our own.

So, I want to try and create something I wish existed: a regular round-up of some of the most interesting local news reports from across the country, telling the story of how Canadian communities are shifting in the 21st century.

Weekly update

I’m going to keep this simple: I’ll do my best to collect these stories from across the country, then I’ll send them out as a series of links once a week. We’ll figure out how well that schedule works.


The key, though, is that I don’t live everywhere. There’s a very good chance you’ll come across something interesting that I don’t. If that happens, feel free to email me at and I’ll see if it fits. Thanks for coming along!

PS. My name is Andrew. Hello.